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Originally from Sydney, Australia, I, like many Antipodeans began exploring the world in my late teens and eventually settled in London in my twenties, where I remained for almost a decade.  It was here that I finely tuned my life-long love for styling and pursued a career in image consulting; obtaining a Diploma in Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Styling at The British College of Professional Styling.


Now based in my husband's native New Zealand, I'm a busy Mum of three young children and proud owner of a Style + Confidence Coaching consultancy in the glorious Waikato.  Funny how life works out.

Inna Moment's name derives from two sources - that special 'inner moment' experienced when you realise and begin to manifest your own self worth and the other is about time.  Like most women, I juggle a hectic lifestyle with family and work commitments and time is something I've always struggled with.  There's just never enough!  But lack of time is no excuse to dismiss regular self care and well-being.  These all-important practices can all be achieved "in a moment".


I'm passionate about helping women recreate themselves, feel empowered, motivated and inspired to live the life they've always dreamed.


If you'd like to learn more about how Inna Moment can radically impact your life I'd love to hear from you.