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enhance & revive

Is your wardrobe a treasure chest of items that come in and out of fashion?

Are you reaching your maximum space limit?

Do you often discover things you forgot or even never knew you had?

It’s time to clean up and clear out!

From a purely practical and financial point of view, I have a philosophy of doing more with less and picking the right combination of classic and trend pieces to give you a genuinely versatile wardrobe. The most common problem women have with their wardrobes is where there aren't enough basics or staples to match with those fabulous statement pieces.

The first step is to start each outfit with a classic base and work from there and by 'classic base' I mean neutral coloured bottoms, a little black dress, a crisp white shirt etc, then, you can start accessorising with on-trend pieces.

The aim is to not go over the top with your base clothing, giving you the freedom to throw on accessories, blazers, shoes and bags that are fun and full of colour. By doing this you can create hundreds of looks from the same dress just by changing accessories. You don't have to buy a million dresses, but rather a few in classic cuts and colours, and then buy cheaper, more disposable accessories to enhance the look.

I sound like a broken record but, accessories are key to changing the look of your outfits. The trick is to choose pieces that are bold enough to physically change the look of an outfit. For example a small pendant on a necklace will often go unnoticed on a black dress, but a chunky statement necklace in turquoise or big fuschia earrings definitely won't.

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