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revamp without spending a penny

Before you blow next month's pay on the High Street ... consider this.

We all have plenty of pieces buried in our wardrobes and drawers that we've forgotten about right? Perhaps even a few items with the tags still on? With a little creativity and a willingness to look at your old clothes in a different light, it's an easy peesy job to revamp and renew your existing wardrobe. So here's a few tips on how to reinvent your wardrobe and create new looks with what you already have!

Re-Familiarise: Spend time sifting through your pieces and re-acquaint yourself with what you have. Enjoy trying everything on, including accessories. You will invariably find things you forgot you had or discover some items look better now than they did before.

Be Creative: Mix pieces you wouldn't normally put together. Try it. Add accessories to outfits you normally wear. Use one of your scarves as a belt, add an oversized fake flower to your favourite hat. Remember a statement necklace, an oversized belt, a bright print scarf can completely change the entire look of an outfit.

Mix 'n' Match: Try matching one of your suit jackets with a pair of jeans or a bold print dress with a floral cardy. Banish 'the rules' and just explore the possibilities.

Snap Happy: Take pictures of yourself in the new looks you've created so you can see for yourself what works and what doesn't.

Add Pizazz: Create outfits centred your favourite accessories. A plain jacket or a little black dress can easily pop with a colourful scarf or large bright necklace.

Layer Up: A fun way to create new outfits is to layer tops under cardys or long sleeved shirts. Think mixing print, mixing colours and not neglect the jewellery. An arm full of bangles or plenty of beaded necklaces can make a fab statement.

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