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figure flattering tips

Let's be honest, in today’s society it’s tough trying to escape having a body hang-up or two and though inna moment is all about embracing your body exactly the way it is, sometimes feeling like you’ve addressed the issue is the best way to boost your confidence. So here are some of the best style and figure-flattering tips to combat your shape concerns.

For a larger bust: Embellished or ruffled tops give a boost in the décolletage department with volume-enhancing details.

For a flatter stomach: You cant go past a wrap dress. It will accentuate the smallest part of the waist and help conceal the tummy.

For longer legs: Wear a single colour right down to your toes. Boots will help to get this effect—the look doesn’t work if your ankles are exposed.

For smaller hips: One of the best way to slim your hips is with a pair of flare jeans as the volume at the hem balances out wider hips.

For a shorter torso: Make a long torso more proportional by pairing a cropped top with a midi skirt. It creates a leg-lengthening effect which will make your top half look smaller in comparison. If you're not keen on exposing your stomach, choose a high-waisted skirt.

For a smaller bust: Necklines that create an upside down triangle deemphasize the bust by pulling the eye down to a narrower place.

For a bigger bum: A pair of high-waisted jeans fit around the slimmest part of your waist makes your waist look smaller and rear look larger in comparison.

For a smaller bum: Wide-leg pants help minimize a larger rear. The wide pant opening simply balances out a bigger bottom. Find a pair with a wide waist band which visually assigns the top part of your behind to your waist making it appear smaller overall.

For thinner arms: Three-quarter sleeves guide the eye to the exposed forearm, skipping over larger upper arms. Avoid cap sleeves and sleeveless items, which will draw attention to the largest part of your arm.

For a thinner waist: A good old fashioned belt will highlight the smallest part of your middle. Add volume with a peplum to make your waist appear tinier in proportion.

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