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finding wide calf boots

Having shapely legs is a blessing but for many having wide calfs can be a pain, from finding skinny jeans don’t fit right to avoiding all those gorgeous boots that simply won't fit without cutting off your circulation. Finding wide calf boots is a common problem for so many women but fortunately, there’s a ton of options.

Try on boots with what you’ll be wearing them with most often. If you plan on pairing yours with jeans, wear your skinnies while you shop.

Many retailers and designers offer wide calf boots at great prices online. Look for “wide calf” in the description and be sure to check the circumference of the boot shaft (look for shafts of 15 inches+).

A shoemaker can stretch a leather boot an inch or two for added comfort.

Try boots that combine leather with a stretchy fabric. Brands like Flip Flop, Stuart Weitzman, Munro, and Steve Madden all have versions of the stretchy fabric and leather boot combo.

Online stores such as, and, who also have a solid collection of wide calf boots.

When shopping in your local mall, look for boots with stretchy materials like micro-suede and for slouchy styles that tend to a bit roomer in the calves.

For wide calf boots under $100 visit Victoria Secret's privtae label Colin Stuart,, and Most won't be made of leather, but you can find some solid pleather and micro suede options.

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