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common misconceptions about personal styling

Often explaining what I do is met with intrigue followed by a stream of questions. For most there is an air of ambiguity around personal styling and image consultancy; their only reference point being what they see on TV or read about in magazines. This info is usually a far cry from reality, so allow me to dispel some common misconceptions.

#1: A stylist will rip my wardrobe apart. A popular a misconception is that a stylist will burn your current set of clothing because they disapprove of it. Some may, but a good stylist, like a good trainer, evaluates where you are, what you want to acheive and helps you get there without injury, to the ego or otherwise.

#2: Stylists are for young, skinny women. WRONG! Stylists are for both genders, of all ages and sizes who want to look, feel, and better themselves. Its for confidence building, learning about your best features, how to enhace them and so much more; none of which has anything to do with your weight or dress size.

#3: Stylists are for the rich and famous. Affordablility is different for all of us but think about it, if you can splurge on unnecessary things like shopping sprees, take aways and nights out, you can very well afford a stylist; and if a stylist's service IS beyond what you can afford off the bat, perhaps cutting back on those things can help you create financial room for a stylist to help you.

#4. Personal stylists are expensive. Yep, some stylists charge crazy fees for their services but as for Inna Moment, well we're all about 'accessibility for the every day woman' which means our fees are affordable and accessible to people just like you and me; mums, office workers, teachers, whoever.

#5. You need a heap of cash to spend on a new wardrobe. While I can’t comment for most personal stylists, I'm a typical woman, I LURVES a bargain. I also believe in working with what you already have. I call it "shopping your own wardrobe". If upon assessing what a client already has, there is a need to buy new clothes, a good personal stylist should work with whatever their given budget is.

#6. Only celebrities have personal stylists. The same points apply here as number 3. Just think of the average girl next door. She wouldn’t try and fix the plumbing herself - she'd call in a specialist. The same is true of styling.

#7. Image consultants are just about fashion. Naturally any professional stylist needs to know what the current trends are but that doesn’t mean their clients are forced to replicate those looks. It’s all about working with the individual and making sure their style is reflective of their personality and life style.

#8. A stylist will just rip me to shreads and make me feel bad about myself. It is the exact opposite that I do what I do. There is no scrutiny, no "what the hell were thinking buying that?", no judging your fashion choices, lack of style or trend knowledge. Hiring a personal stylist, no matter what the reason, should be fun, liberating, an injecton of confidence and an overall positive experience.

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