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blue peepers

Blue eye shadow is no longer strictly for runways and fashion spreads. In fact, a blue hue can add instant pop to your peepers and guess what? It suits everyone! Trust me.

Here’s my top 5 suggestions for incorporating blue eye make-up into your routine without looking like an 80s throwback!

  1. Instead of diving into the deep end, gradually implement blue eyeliner in your daily routine in place of a black. Choose a tone that's light enough to be distinctively blue while being dark enough to pair with more conservative outfits.

  2. Opt for a quad of eyeshadow colours instead of a trio or duo. This will allow you to experiment and will ordinarily contain a navy blue, a deep blue, a light blue and virtually white shade.

  3. Start with the darker shade on your lid and blend into lighter shades as you reach the brow. How dramatic this look can go is simply up to how much you use, how heavy handed you are with the application and how far you extend the colour.

  4. Create a line under your eye with blue liner and smudge away for a dramatic and cat-like look.

  5. Highlight your blue tones by subtly adding white shadow on the brow bone, under your bottom lashes and the inside corners of your eyes.

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