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the latest & greatest in plus size lingerie

Recent conversations with disheartened women, who believe they'd look "ridiculous" in anything sexy has inspired me to share this with you - the latest and greatest in plus size lingerie.

Hips and Curves offers the most gorgeous assortment of lingerie in sizes 12 + that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of fuller figured women and, as always I like to know the who's who behind a company before I go raving about it. Founder Rebecca Jennings' mission was to create a place "where women go to celebrate themselves ... where women discover potential." I love that! I also love that it clearly states on her website that "she’s been everywhere from a size 6 to a size 16, and now, she’s just simply herself." If you're a size 12 +, know that looking sexy in lace and see-throughs is not just for your "skinny friends".

Just look at a these gorgeous beauties!! See the full collection at

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