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a fashion challenge for you …

think about what else you could do with your clothing, for example, how would it completely change your outfit by wearing your skirt a different way - say back-to-front - or your shirt buttoned differently, or that scarf tied in a different knot or worn with another item?

What's the point of this exercise? To get you thinking outside of the box and out of that ‘I only wear this with that’ attitude, which is just so uneccessarily limiting.

I encourage you to revisit your wardrobe and see if there's anything in there - clothing and accessories - that can be worn in a different way to get the most out of them or to refresh their look. Try things on before you turn your nose up. Invite a second opinion if you have to. So many styles lend themselves to being worn a number of ways. Think of that plain white buttoned shirt you never wear … now consider how you could incorporate it into a number of different outfits just by changing the way you wear it. Unbuttoned as a jacket, collar flat, collar up, tied at the midriff, layered with a scarf, buttoned all the way with the addition of a tie, the list is endless. Now consider all the clothing you could wear it with. You start out only thinking of it as a white shirt but boy the versatility of this one item!!!!

I challenge you to take a different approach to the way you wear your clothes and accessories. Mix it up. Play with your options. Be a little creative and surprise yourself.

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