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napoleon perdis' top 5 makeup tips

While there’s no real wrong way to apply makeup there's plenty of methods for creating the ultimate effect. Here's Napoleon Perdis, Australian makeup artist's, top 5 makeup tips.

1. Apply mascara first.“I’ve always been a big believer in applying mascara first—and last. After you’ve primed your skin, apply a coat of mascara to open your eyes, create that important definition, and map the rest of your makeup look. Once you’ve finished your eye makeup, then apply a second coat of mascara. When you’re completely finished, do one final assessment to see if you need another coat for a finishing touch.”

2. Line your lips after applying lipstick.“When it comes to lipstick, I always advise lining the lips last to help contain the colour and perfect the shape of the lips without creating a harsh, unnatural line.”Fill in brows from the outside in.“

3. When filling in the brows, I recommend working from the outside in to create the most natural shape. Brows typically need more definition on the ends so by using this method you’re applying stronger color where you really need it. When you’re finished working your way in, brush the brows back into place for a natural finish.”

4. Use concealer before foundation.“Before applying your base, use concealer to cover any areas of discoloration (e.g. under the eyes, around the nose and mouth and any blemishes). Then apply foundation only where you really need it and blend it out to nothing for the most natural look.”

5. Line your eyes starting at the outer corner. “To create the perfect angle for your eyeliner, line the outer corner of the lower lash line first and extend slightly beyond the corner of the eye. Then come back in toward the upper lash line. Using this line as your guide will give you a beautiful line that enhances the natural shape of your eyes.”

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