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an unconventional beauty aid

Scotch tape is an unconventional eye stencil beauty aid that will help guide you when applying liquid eye liner and shadows, especially if you’re going for a flick or cat eye look. It will also help you achieve an even and balanced look for both eyes.

So, here's the how-to.

1. Take an inch-long piece of Scotch tape and press it to your hand a few times to dull some of its adhesive. This will keep it from sticking too severely.

2. Place the tape underneath your bottom lashes at the outer corner of your eye and angle it toward your temple.

3. Begin sketching at the middle of your upper lash line, which is where the liquid line should begin to thicken. Draw a stripe to the outer corner of your eye using short, dash-like strokes. For precision, use a felt-tip pen and place your pinkie finger against your cheek for added stability and control.

4. Remove the tip then finish the line by going back to the middle of your eye and sketching short thin strokes over to the tear duct. By the time the liner reaches the inner corner, the streak should hug the lashes as tightly as possible.

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