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hiring a professional

Before considering hiring a personal stylist or image consultant to help you sort your wardrobe and image, here are the 6 most important questions that should be answered before saying “let’s get started.” 1. Is their professional image appealing to you? By this, I mean the whole shebang. Is their website easy to navigate and full of relevant info? Are their business cards reflective of their professionalism? If they can’t articulate a good professional image for themselves, what makes you think they can do it for you? 2. Do they look the part? Would you trust a personal trainer who wasn’t in shape? Would you get your hair cut by someone with a terrible mullet? A professional stylist dispenses trend and fashion advice and therefore to be credible, its imperitive they look the part. 3. Do they have professional training? Are they certified by an organization? What are their credentials and what do their previous clients have to say? 4. Did you have a good conversation with them? A professional stylist will want to talk with you on the phone before ever setting an appointment. They will want to learn about you and should give you an overview of how they work with clients and answer any questions you may have about their services. The initial conversation is the best way to determine if you both want to move forward. 5. Do they keep you in the loop on all things financial? Do they have a client agreement and did they clearly provide you an overview of their fees and expenses? Make sure you know all the costs associated before you begin. 6. Are they focused on helping you develop YOUR personal style? Do they have a process which helps them get to know everything about you?

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