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How to rock the dark lip look

Dark lipstick is a trend that comes and goes but it can be tough to pull off. Here's my fool-proof tips to getting it right. 1. The number one key to pulling off this look is to play up the lips and create a minimal eye and makeup look without. Defined brows, clean liner and lots of mascara pair well with dark lips. For eye shadow, choose a light shimmery bronze or taupe to play up the eyes without stealing focus from the lips. 2. Bold, deep shades will attract attention and therefore must be flawlessly smooth. If your lips are chapped or dry, dark shades will settle into lines and cracks so using a gloss or high shine formula instead of matte is a must. 3. Many of these dark berry and plum shades have cool undertones and are better suited to cool and neutral skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, try a shade with yellow undertones. Just bare in mind that dark shades with yellow undertones can bring out yellow or discolorations in teeth. Blue undertones will make the teeth look whiter. 4. Keep in mind that when dark lipstick wears off, it’s much more noticeable so its adviseable to spend the extra bucks for a lipstick brand you trust and know has staying power and has moisturizing ingredients. 5. Lining your lips with a lip pencil similar in colour to your lipstick first is crucial. This allows you to establish the boundaries of your lip and the pencil helps hold the colour in place. Do not apply it straight from lipstick bullet, instead, use a lip brush to give you control over the application and intensity. 6. Be sure to clean up mistakes and perfect the edges of your lip line with concealer for a polished finish. Wine colored smears tend to ruin the drama of a dark lip. 7. Add a little colour to the cheeks to brighten up the face but perhaps less than you would normally apply. 8. Never forget to do a teeth check!

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