Flirty Falsies


Rocking those falsies are a must-do trend for making your eyes really pop, but can be a bit intimidating without the know-how. So here's my tips.

Choosing between a strip lash or individual clusters depends on the look you want. The strip gives a more bold look which can be easier to apply by yourself, but the individual clusters offer a very natural and comfortable wear, but are a little trickier to apply. You have more control over how full you want these lashes to look and you can add more or just have a few to add volume.

Start by measuring the false eyelash strip against your natural lash line. If it extends beyond the outer corner of your eye, use small cuticle scissors to snip off the end (outside) of the lashes completely so that it now matches the length of your natural lash line.

Always apply mascara before putting on false lashes. It will help to harden and elongate your own eyelashes giving you a firm foundation to sit the falsies on. Then gently push the false lash with your middle finger into the root of your natural lash line.

Beauty experts often recommend applying false lashes after an eye makeup application, however when going DIY with your makeup, I always suggest a pre-makeup lash application to ensure that you don’t get glue all over your eyelids possibly making a mess of your shadows and eyeliners, otherwise, you may need to start all over again.

To ensure the lashes mold to the natural curve of your eye, take the ends of the false lashes and bend them towards each other to form a “C” shape and hold for a few seconds. This takes the straightness out of the strip and helps ensure the false lash stays put without the ends lifting up once applied.

When applying strip lashes place with tweezers then use your fingers to pinch your natural lashes together with the falsie to ensure they are secured on. When applying individual clusters, first place clusters a little ways apart from each other and as they dry, fill in.

Many celebrities secret to having long dramatic lashes is a technique called double up. For a dose of full blast glamour, try wearing double strip lash extensions. They come already customized with one lash on top of the other giving the appearance of a bold look.

And lastly, when taking the strip off peel them starting from the outer corner, pulling inward, following with a gentle eye makeup remover to clean away any leftover glue or residue. I don’t recommend using the same strip more than two times.