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Fashion on a Budget

So the majority of my clients are working Mums, and like me, these women juggle cleaning, cooking, school runs, dinners, playdates, jobs and a million other responsibilities that leave little time for much else let alone worrying about looking great and spending hard earned cash on fancy heels that only serve to remind you that you never go anywhere to where them anymore anyway. So, why not ditch them? - just for a while anyway. Now I'm not suggesting never wearing another pair of heels again, I'm simply saying that we need to dress according to our lifestyle. For instance, if you have 3 small children under the age of 5, chances are you're on the move pretty much all the time and chasing after toddlers in 6 inches of Jimmy Choo is just crazy - even for Carrie Bradshaw. That being said, my firm belief is that no woman should leave the house feeling or looking like she hasn't put herself together. It takes very little time and very little money to style yourself fabulously but heels aren't a necessity in styling a feminine outfit.

Here's proof that gorgeous style doesn't have to be high in heel OR in price. I picked up 4 - YES FOUR - pairs of comfy, flat and practical shoes - perfect for running around after the kiddos - for under $60. Bargain!

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