Discover your personal style

As you will imagine, I meet women every day who aren't sure what to wear and who haven’t defined their personal style. Its what some stylists refer to as “hiding behind blandness” for fear of standing out. These women dress in ‘classic’ clothes, with little or no detail, zero accessories and very little in the way of personality. They don’t love their wardrobe and have settled on so many “it’ll do” clothing purchases when shopping to cover themselves, without stopping to think about whether or not it's the right purchase to make. Its a bad habit and one that does not serve you well. Dressing safely for fear of standing out makes us invisible; even inconsequential and we all know that feeling good about how you look helps to improve your confidence and self-esteem. Playing with clothes, discovering your creative side and enjoying the process of dressing is incredibly liberating. I encourage you to be a little brave when you put together your next outfit. Just try it.

In short, shopping for clothes becomes a cinch when you know which colours to buy and which ones to avoid, what shapes and styles to look for, and how to create the total look you want to project to the world.