Get stylish in minutes - everyday!


Time. It's what most women feel they lack and therefore use as an excuse - albeit valid - for poor style, no makeup and disheveled hair.

So you're a busy mum, a hardworking professional. You're running errands, managing a business, taxing the kids. I get it, I live it, but every woman has time to look after herself. Even if its just a few minutes.

Here's my top tips for helping you get out the door each day looking stylish in super quick time.

1. Plan your outfit the night before – get it out, check it’s clean and pressed, find the accessories you need to go with it and hang it all on a hanger so you don’t have anything to think about when you’re in the middle of the morning rush.

2. Don't forget to accessorise – whether it be a statement necklace, bright earrings, a wrist full of bracelets, a printed scarf - accessories will make a plain outfit more interesting, EVERY TIME. Having a bundle pre-organised helps accessorising quick and easy each day.

3. Update your wardrobe – so many busy women end up putting themselves and their wardrobes last. The kids get new clothes but you hardly ever do because you just don’t have time to shop for yourself (alone!), so ensure that at least once, if not several times, each new season you take some time out for yourself to update a few items in your wardrobe. If you’ve been wearing the same jeans for 7 years, it’s time to invest in some new ones. Remember clothing can end up looking tatty and unkempt, which will make the wearer feel much the same, so invest in some time to shop for your own wardrobe.

4. Get a hairstyle you can do quickly and easily – a stylish do makes an enormous difference to your look and demeanour. Let your hairdresser know your limits – how much time you have each day to spend on your hair and ask them to show you the best way to style it yourself. Spend that few minutes each morning getting it right. Practice makes perfect and you'll find the more you play the quicker and easier it'll be.

5. Cover up – if your kids are still young and all sticky fingers and jammy kisses, think ahead by wearing a coverup such as a dressing gown over your outfit until you are about to walk out the door.

6. Wear some makeup – I'm not suggesting a full face, but just a sweep of mascara and a bit of lippy can change your face. To spend under 10 minutes on your hair and makeup every day is totally achievable.

7. Size matters – if you’re wearing outsized clothes post-baby or dramatic weight loss or gain, you will never look quite 'put-together'. You may need to invest in some in-between size clothes. This is not a waste of money. Some new well-fitting jeans and tops can make you feel so much better than slobbing around in crumbling tracksuit pants. Funky leggings and a tunic are easy to wear and comfortable when they fit well. Don’t get stuck in your maternity clothes or in sizes that are no longer relevant to the body you have now.

8. Buy easy care items – chances are, if it needs dry cleaning or special attention you're less likely to wear it. Check labels before purchase so you know you can throw it into the machine with all your other clothes and if it doesn't need ironing, even better.