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why a colourful wardrobe is so important

It's incredible to me how many women spend their lives in black, white, browns, navys and greys. These are all important colours to have in our wardrobes but brighter clothes make you happier, it's a fact!

Here's a few tips:

* Deep reds such as scarlet and burgundy are universally flattering and suit almost every skin tone and hair colour.

* Bright blue suits most skin tones and helps to brighten the complexion.

* Khaki is a flattering alternative to black for those of a certain age. And if mustard is still too bold for you, add gold accessories instead.

* Ordinarily, yellows and greens would not be worn together, but toning it down and pairing mustard with khaki is flattering.

* Earthy shades have golden undertones that illuminate greying skin.

* It’s proven that, if you suffer from stress, wearing blue can help as it stimulates the release of the calming hormone oxytocin.

* The flattering shade of cobalt blue is suited to most skin tones, drawing attention away from dark circles under the eyes.

* Purple is a calming colour — its pacifying effect makes it one of the best shades to wear when feeling overwrought.

* Research has found that we associate yellow with joy, so wearing it can boost your mood.

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