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The Compliment Challenge

Around about this time last year I posted about a topic I'd spoke about at a women's event that got the room buzzing.

I'd like to encourage you all to join me in this challenge.

It's simple and has the potential to change your life and the lives of others.

All that's required is for you to offer genuine compliments, unapologetically, to strangers, friends, family, anyone, at least five times per day.

It could be something small like "I love your new hair style" or "that colour really suits you"

But here's the tough part- you have to do the reverse - collecting your own compliments.

And to get compliments, it requires giving some thought to how you present yourself when you get ready in the morning.

It may mean, wearing a bright colour, a bold lipstick, doing your hair a different way, trying something new and exciting that will make people stop and say something.

It may require stepping out of your comfort zone and it will definitely require that you ACCEPT the positive comments people make about you, which is tough for many of us, but quite extraodinary when you begin.

I collect compliments every day. YES. EVERY DAY. Whether it's the girl at the checkout complimenting me on my eye makeup, or my nail lady telling me she loves my skin tone, or my neighbour swooning over a new blazer I'm wearing.

As women, we're just naturally tough on ourselves and often each other, so I encourage you to go out there, make someone's day with a genuine compliment and see how many you can collect for yourself.

Please, please share your stories with me either privately or publicly on the Inna Moment Facebook page and inspire others.

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