An evening with a crowd

At the beginning of my career as a stylist, public speaking was never a facet I considered would be a part of my journey. But here I am, thousands of miles from where it all began and talking to groups of wonderful women, staging makeovers and doing what I'm completely passionate about - inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty and find confidence in their personal styling.

I've been fortunate enough to reach many small groups of women around the Waikato over the past year but last week was a highlight. The Matamata Women's Club - a group of about 100 women - invited me to not only speak with them about what I do, but join them for dinner and also demonstrate a mini makeover on a willing participant. It was a wonderful evening and I drove home feeling genuinely privileged to do what I do. Public speaking is not my strong point - I definitely feel most comfortable one-on-one, but I'm starting to change my view.