Confidence is Everything!

I read a Facebook article recently about confidence. And, given Inna Moment's purpose, you can imagine I've read a few. I talk about self confidence ALL THE TIME. I write about it, I offer advice and share experiences with women who struggle to find it, work to keep it and pray they never lose it - It's the pinnacle of what I do. Yet when I started as a stylist, it wasn't my focus. I didn't realise it would become so relevant. For me, it was about inspiring women through fashion and colour and styling ... and now, its so much more than that. It's about offering an ear, a shoulder, a way forward; and I'm so honoured to have that opportunity. So here's an opportunity for my Facebook followers. Share the Inna Moment Styling Facebook page to a deserving friend/s & you'll BOTH go in the draw to win a confidence-boosting makeover package worth $120. Winner will be drawn mid June - so get sharing!

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