As a stylist I trained to determine my client's body shapes, amongst other things. And while it's important that we understand our shape, I don't agree with boxing women into a particular category - be it "pear" or "triangle".

Your body shape is unique. You are not one of 5 or even 10 body shapes and that is all you need to know. You are much more than that. Your body architecture is a combination of silhouette, proportions, scale, texture, colouring, defining features and most importantly, personality. You might think that personality has nothing to do with your physical body but it really does. Think about how a person's personality influences their walk, their hand gestures when they communicate. Your clothing should flatter your personal architecture, not what current fashions may dictate. That being said, I encourage women to only purchase fashions that work with their personal architecture and personality.

Your lifestyle will dictate what you need in your wardrobe but remember this: You can choose how you’re perceived by what you wear. Your uniqueness is what makes you memorable and recognizable and your personality has the biggest influence over what you love and why you love it. Work with who you are and your body to showcase it in the most authentic way.