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The Art of Illusion Dressing

There is a vast array of style tricks you can utilize to look slimmer, taller, younger and more attractive – but illusion dressing is not only about looking slimmer or taller, it can also mean adding weight to certain areas in order to create balance and that's what it's all about - balance. The art of illusion dressing allows you to instantly deviate the eye by simply knowing how to dress for your body shape. By knowing which fabrics, patterns, styles and colours work for your body, you can appear longer, leaner and super chic in an instant.

These few simple tricks will make all the difference to how you look and feel, because when you know you look good, you feel great.

* Stand up straight! Standing well will instantly make your waistline slimmer. It also allows your clothes to sit on your body properly, which will also make you look taller and thinner – and it doesn’t cost a thing – hurray!

* Learn how to use colour correctly. Dark colours recede and light colours advance, so if you wear dark colours on your problem areas, this will make them appear smaller. However, it is important to know what colours flatter you and make sure you wear those colours around your face. Flattering colors will make you look younger and healthier.

* Increase your bust size. For those of you that want to visually increase the size of your bust, to balance the rest of your body, invest in items that have frills or details around the bust line – horizontal necklines also work wonders. This technique is great if you have larger hips as it takes the attention away from the lower part of your body and a look that is visually balanced.

* Look for vertical lines. Vertical design lines such as princess seams in dresses, single breasted jackets worn open, or a row of buttons which draws the eye, will instantly give you a slimmer look and make you look taller

* Look for shoes with medium to high heels. The chunkier the shoe and more rounded the toe, the heavier you will appear. Go for shoes that show more of your foot in order to make your legs appear longer and try and avoid ankle straps … they cut your leg off and make you look a lot shorter than you are!

* Choose the right fit. A well fitted item of clothing will emphasize your best assets while skimming your less flattering features. Clothes that are too tight or hang like a bag over your body only make you appear frumpy and bigger than you are.

* Wide collars, boat necks, horizontal features at the neckline help to balance out a wider hip.

* Wrap dresses, waist cinching jackets look great on an hourglass shape

* Large busts and apple shapes should never wear double breasted jackets.

*Always stick to singlebutton, wide lapel jackets.

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