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Mummy Chic Fashion Potential

"I’m a stay-at-home Mum and my fashion sense is a wreck"

"I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but I really only wear a couple of things that I like."

"Most days I just wear jeans and a peanut butter stained t-shirt."

"I have skinny, beautiful friends (who are also Mums) and I feel fat and ugly in comparison."

"I have very little self-confidence and would love to find something to change that."

"I would love to find a style that is flattering, easy but stylish."

I’ve gone over this territory more times than I can count, and have learned that what all women need at some point is a refresher or a nudge every so often. So here's some tips to help harness that Mummy Chic fashion potential.

Dressing for a day with the kids requires clothes that can be worn both indoors and out, allow flexibility and comfort in a variety of terrains and situations and of course be kid-appropriate, but it’s easy to dress more and more for comfort and practicality, until we begin to lose touch with our own identity.

Now I know most of us Mums, especially new ones, are time-poor, haven’t got the disposable income to spend on themselves and have found that their priorities have shifted, therefore looking trend-aware is bottom of an ever growing to-do list. I know all too well how manic a morning routine can be, especially with little ones tearing round the house. But a few minutes of effort can honestly make the world of difference. No matter what size you are or how busy you are, spending just a few minutes getting ready will help boost your self-confidence and style in an instant. I understand how it feels to wear a good top that never looked the same after having it stretched during breastfeeding. I've traipsed designer heels through mud on the school run and I've had many an earring yanked from my ear while wrestling a wailing toddler.

So why bother? The simple answer is – because you’ll feel better, more capable and put together and it more importantly, it maintains a sense of self.

So how can you dress in a practical way without forgoing style?

* Let’s start with those stained clothes. Combat the sticky finger smears by wearing clothes that are easily washable rather than dry-clean only and the darker the colour and bolder the print, the less obvious those stains will be when you don't have time to change.

* A statement accessory that makes the outfit without overwhelming it, such as a bold print scarf or a fabulous blingy necklace will reward you with maximum effect and give your outfit a considered look.

* Make time for makeup – I’m not talking false lashes and contouring, just a five minute routine will make the world of difference to you.

* Add colour. Even if you're not confident to wear bright colours and bold prints, just a wee injection of colour even in your accessories in a vibrant colour will not only boost your mood and confidence, but also brighten your skin and enhance your eyes too. Try different shades against your face to see which make your eyes ‘pop’, and which drain the colour from your face.

* A black blazer is a staple item that can be thrown on over a dress or a t-shirt and jeans to give you an instant chic style.

* A denim jacket works just the same as a black blazer in that it is versatile, easy to wear and never goes out of style. Pair one with a maxi dress, loungey trousers and with any colour.

* Tunics and dress shirts come in a variety of prints, at all price points and are super comfy. Wear one on it's own, over jeans or leggings and add a sleek wedge or wedge sneaker that’s playground friendly and you’ve got extra height and the comfort of an oversized dress while hiding your fault lines.

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