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Completely Revamp Your Wardrobe

Another day, another fun-filled afternoon with a gorgeous gal. This afternoon I visited a previous client in her wonderfully eclectic and character-filled home in pretty Cambridge. We went through her wardrobe, piece by piece, discussing how to bring life back into those tops, tunics and dresses with an injection of colourful accessories, culled a few pieces that were no longer loved or worked and made a list of items to purchase that could be incorporated to existing pieces to create new and fresh outfits.

Here's a few tips to building a workable wardrobe ...

Detox: Go through your wardrobe piece by piece and get rid of anything that doesn’t inspire you or you don’t feel confident in. Don't toss those sentimental pieces, like the leather jacket you bought in Rome or your Mum's vintage halterneck, but don't hold on to stained and damaged clothing or things you know deep down, will never see the light of day again.

Find Inspiration: The best way to mold and define your personal style is by researching and becoming aware of different aesthetics and styles. Find as much inspiration as possible, using blogs and magazines and take note of the looks and styles you're drawn to. Forget about the trends. Focus on YOU and YOUR shape.

Organize: To maintain and keep your wardrobe in order, group like pieces together, such as long dresses, coats, trousers, etc. This simplifies putting together an outfit and prevents the mess associated with pulling out clothes from everywhere.

Invest: Invest in a 'classic' statement piece that transcends time. Whether it be a handbag, a coat, or a flattering black dress - these pieces you can afford to splash the cash on because they'll never date and therefore, can be carried over from season to season.

Be versatile: Make sure to incorporate prints, colour and different textures to combine with your basics. Select harmonizing pieces that can be mixed and matched to build a strong foundation for your personal style.

Create go-to looks: Become familiar and experiment with your wardrobe. Style a handful of looks that you love for everyday activities such as work, going-out, casual days, etc. This makes finding an outfit and getting ready for the day a lot easier and faster.

Accessorize wisely: An outfit is never complete without accessories, whether it be a bold statement piece or simple earrings. The accessories you pair with an outfit make or break the overall look so invest in a variety of pieces. No need to spend big, just opt for colour. Think about your accessories as "icing" on the cake.

Evolve: It's easy to feel uninspired. Th last thing you want is your personal look to grow stale so stay inspired and update your wardrobe with low cost on trend pieces regularly.

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