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Fashion is Healthy

Heavy handbags hurt your back and promote poor posture, high heels cause bunions and blisters, spanx are a health hazard and shopping can become an out-of-control compulsion. We've heard it all, but fashion is actually good for you and here's why.

* It promotes weight loss. No kidding! A good trot around the shops helps to burn a surprising number of calories, in fact, up to five calories per minute, which for the average woman, adds up to almost 48,000 calories each year (more if you're anything like yours truly).

* It boosts your self esteem. Despite the potentially addictive nature of retail therapy, fashion is all about getting dressed and the truth is if you feel good about the way you look, you're likely to portray a positive attitude.

* It boosts confidence. Fashion has a transformative effect on the wearer. The more distinctively a woman dresses, the more vibrant and assured she is and the more confidence will shine on through.

* It enhances your mood. The experience of a bit of retail therapy can bring a high. Even browsing a few fashion websites or nipping into a few fashion stores can spark those happy endorphins.

* It can increase success. Whether you agree with it or not, employers, potential partners and the world in general judge a book by it's cover and therefore the way we dress can be a determining factor for success, both socially and professionally. Our fashion choices can genuinely help progress our career and personal life. A touch of style and "power dressing" that sets us apart from the rest can enable us to move toward our goals and aspirations in a more assertive manner.

* It tells the world who we are. Our wardrobes are an expression of our personality and an intimate representation of who we are. Nothing speaks louder about what we think. Only seven percent of our communication is verbal, so fashion is a language that we can use to communicate positive traits about ourselves.

* It liberates you. As hemlines rose and necklines plunged, women began to revel in their sartorial liberation and experience unprecedented freedom and opportunity, both socially, professional and in their fashion choices. The restrictive garments that women have cast aside to be replaced with easy fashion choices is proof enough that fashion is an important revolutionary tool.

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