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Create More Outfits From Your Existing Stuff

I gotta tell ya I'm super charged by this topic. It's one I discuss with women often and I haven't come across anyone yet who doesn't feel just as charged when they have the tools to get digging in their collection and discover!

So here's my simple top tips to create more outfits from your existing wardrobe.

Layer Up

By this I don't just mean a cardy over a shirt. Think about layering tops with similar necklines to create a colour contrast and extra detail. Try adding an edgy waistcoat or vest over the top of your shirt, blouse or even dress or wear a sheer blouse over a coloured cami for added interest. Reworking your floaty summer dresses into something you can wear year round, is made a cinch by layering a long sleeve top underneath and my fave layering tip - try mixing contrasting colours and prints for a variety of different looks and layer up on those necklaces.

Add Dimension

A belt offers another dimension to your outfit. Try belting over the top of your jacket, cardigan, or dress. Go for a coloured, textured or funky buckle belt when wearing jeans. And instead of discarding those cheap, fabric belts that come with clothes, find a great belt to wear instead and re-purpose them for another outfit.

Don't Neglect

So many of us get into the habit of wearing the same shoes all the time out of pure lack of inspiration. Don't neglect your feet. Think about how different a pair of jeans can look with a ballet flat compared to a knee-high boot or how a skirt or dress with boots appears, compared to a pair of strappy heels.

Go Glam in the Daytime

Mixing your formal pieces with your day wear can be daunting but also really fun. Try adding some sequins to your daytime look, or a big bold necklace to your casual jean outfit. A bight of sparkle can go a long way. Who says diamonds and pearls aren't for daytime?

Play With Accessories

It's tough to break habits, especially when it comes to what we wear. We often opt for what's easy, what's available, what's quick and to hand, but changing up your accessories is the simplest way to make an outfit really standout. Try different combinations. Mix it up and find new ways of wearing the same old pieces that may surprise you. And I'm not just referring to your jewellery. Why not rock patterned tights rather than your regular opaques?. Reach for a funky scarf instead of a necklace. Think outside the box.

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