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Fashion - A Powerful Self-esteem Tool

Hey, I'm well versed in the whole "looking stylish takes work" business. And I get that it's sometimes a little more work than you're wiling to put in but here's the thing - no one can successfully wear every available style, or colour, but we can sure as hell allot some energy to researching our best looks. Right?

We women focus so heavily on what we perceive to be our physical “flaws,” and therefore ignore our natural assets. We spend so much energy following fad diets, buying into weight loss programmes and material things to make us look and feel better, which is often an endless struggle that can essentially make us feel crap. Even the most gorgeous, intelligent, successful of us can be hung up on physical aspects that we cannot accept and cannot change.

The thing is looking good helps us feel good. I'm not saying it’s better to look good than it is to feel good. But I do know there’s an undeniable connection between the two. A stylish, compliment-provoking outfit can do wonders for mood and mindset.

Clothes that fit and flatter your shape can help to start chipping away at those feelings of self-loathing or powerlessness that might be slowly crushing your inner awesome. When we learn what will emphasize our best assets and dress in outfits that highlight the bits of ourselves that we love the most, we feel powerful, in control, and even beautiful. We may occasionally wonder if rigorous exercise regimens, expensive surgeries, or diet pills are necessary to change ourselves … but let me tell you, a spot of retail therapy or a makeover might just have the same effects - for less money, with less pain, and in less time. We focus on changing our bodies, but changing how we present our bodies is a great way to shift the mindset.

Even as someone who encourages women to love their bodies and focus on their fabulousness all day long, I too have days where I struggle with my body image. But I have learned the art of self acceptance. I love that I have curves and I know how to dress them. I know what clothes draw the eye to the places where I'm most comfortable and I know what colours make my skin glow and my eyes sparkle. Learning to dress is the key to embracing you for who you are.

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