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Beauty Blender - The Right Way

Ask the pros to name the most revered makeup tool on the market today and chances are, the response will be "A Beauty Blender". They're a necessity makeup artists, bloggers and beauty editors agree on. Not only are they incredibly affordable, and versatile (you can use it anywhere from your nails and decollotage to your cheeks and lips), but the tapered shape allows you to get all up in every little crevice of your face. The thing is, like anything, in order to fully realise its magic, you have to know the correct way to use it.

So here's the process to beauty blending your way to a face full of flawless makeup.

The most important thing to remember is to saturate the sponge before every use and squeeze out the excess moisture. This prevents the sponge from soaking up too much product and therefore causing waste. When it's wet, it swells in size, becomes, softer and less thirsty. Instead of absorbing product, it distributes it.

Secondly, stipple, don't rub. Whether you're applying foundation, BB Cream, tinted moisturizer, or cream blush, dab or bounce it along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface, rather than sweeping, dragging, or rolling. This application method is crucial for getting a seamless finish.

P.S. As a wee treat, Inna Moment is giving away a Beauty Blender to every Champagne Makeover client from now until Christmas!

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