Put The Fun Back Into Shopping

Shopping for clothes is supposed to be a hoot! But for so many women it can be a chore. Seriously! I've heard it all - a lack of time, a reluctance to want to part with the cash, the uncertainty of what looks suit, an intimidating store, snooty sales assistants. Whatever the reason, it frustrates me to hear it when women don't enjoy shopping for themselves. It should be regarded as therapy. I'm gonna be honest with you - a shopping trip should be freakin' awesome fun, totally easy and wonderfully rewarding.

Some think of a personal shopper as a scary ‘fashionista’ who pressures you into purchasing items you don’t want and spending money you don’t have. But Inna Moment offers a down to earth service, focussed on real women, with realistic budgets. You don’t need to be a high end fashion diva to benefit from a personal shopping experience. In fact, the service is tailor made for women just like you and me, who perhaps lack a little confidence or the time to shop efficiently and effectively for themselves.

“Shopping with Shadan is like shopping with a fashionable friend who gives great advice. She knows what she's talking about and made sure that the clothes I bought reflected ME."

"When you shop with Shadan, you're getting someone who knows what makes you look great, listens to you and can effortlessly help you with an objective eye for style."

"Shadan works with your budget and ensures you only spend what you feel comfortable with."

Personal shopping with Inna Moment is:

  • Efficient - spend less time shopping for outstanding results

  • Targeted - no time wasted wandering from store to store that are not aligned with your budget and personal taste

  • Purposeful - no aimless browsing

  • Focused - 100% on you

  • Decisive - buy only what suits you, don’t be talked into buying things by sales assistants

  • Easy - with Shadan’s extensive fashion & styling knowledge makes buying the right clothes simple

  • Practical - Purchase fewer pieces that you can mix and match and incorporate into your existing collection

I completely understand the hesitation to spend time shopping with a complete stranger; someone you don’t know, who will pass comment on how clothes look on you but not only is my experience varied, having worked with students, full time mums, professionals, retirees, plus size, petite, but I love a bargain and I'm super friendly! Regardless of your circumstances, I help you buy clothes and accessories that reflect YOU and eave you looking and feeling fabulous about the way you dress.

With me as your personal shopper, you get all the best bits - support, ideas, advice and tonnes of fun (naturally) along with the crucial added elements of objectivity, expertise and experience.