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Honest to Goodness ...

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret or two ...

My underwear rarely matches and I sometimes forget to take my makeup off after a big day. I eat crap, drink too much, gorge on chocolate and have been known to paint fresh polish over the chipped stuff, in a mad dash to get out the door. I go months without shaving my legs, I spill wine on my top and suck it off, I have an oversized dressing room full of stuff that still has labels attached and I have over 100 scarves. I love bargain shopping, going against the grain and ignoring trends and I will wear any colour I please, whether it suits me or not.

These things make me normal, real ... AND they also make me better at what I do. Here's why. I'm an honest to goodness, down-to-earth, everyday woman. I can relate. I'm a Mum who's had those shit-under-my-finger-nails and spew-in-the-hair days. I'm a wife who's felt pressure to be shit-hot for the hubby when all I really wanted to do was let my pits get bushy and wear "nanna pants" to bed. Side note: Hubby refers to these as "PKs" AKA "passion killers". I've done the corporate thing, the stay-at-home-Mum thing, the start-up-business thing, the work-for-myself thing and I get it. I know what my clients mean when they say "I just don't have the motivation or the time". I understand the pressure to look good. I sympathise with those feelings of unsexiness post baby.

Pre domestic life I was slimmer, fitter, more active and less stressed. I could wear anything and feel confident and I could buy anything and make it look good. But babies and husbands ruin us - I'm kidding - sort of. I'm rounder and softer these days, and that's OK because it's actually not about weight, or whether or not my boobs sag; it's about how I feel about living in the skin I'm in. And honestly, sometimes, just like you, I feel fat and unattractive. I notice every flaw and I try to hide all those bits about me that I loathe. But here's what helps. A wee bit of lippy (even if you haven't showered), concealer to hide those late night under eye circles, coffee and cake with the girls, wine (and lots of it) and a bloody good reality check! We're all ageing and changing. We all have soft bits and we all have hang ups. But my point is this: I don't care about your lumps and bumps. I'm good at what I do because I see women. R E A L women. And I focus on the awesomeness, even when you can't.

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