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How to Wear Any Colour (and Look Gorgeous)

Colour. It's a fascinating topic and one that I spend alot of time discussing. We are hugely influenced by it and most stylists offer colour analysis to help determine what hues look best for their clients. I guarantee that at some point you will have been sold a few "rules" about this topic. You know the ones "blondes look terrible in yellow" "Redheads can't wear pink" ... but y'all know I'm not one for following the rules and here's the thing about colour.

From adulthood, we tend to start losing pigment; not only from our hair (as it goes grey, then white) which is the most obvious sign of ageing, but also from our eyes and our skin. Menopause can also change your colouring more rapidly as the change in hormones and the loss of estrogen ages your skin. Though it's not a service Inna Moment offers, if you are interested in a colour analysis, you should consider it every 5-10 years. Sooner if you’ve just had a radical hair colour change, gone grey and stopped dying it or gone through menopause.

How many women do you know that have gone from a platinum blonde to mousy brown over a 25 year period? Or perhaps you were once a strawberry blonde with freckles and now most of your freckling has disappeared. It's not uncommon to have warm colouring when you're younger, then cool colouring later in life.

What's my point? Skin colouring changes. Eye pigments fade, hair pigments fade. The intense colours of youth dull down with age, therefore knowing what "your colours" are is all about considering these factors.

Here's my two cents worth. Every colour can be "your colour". Regardless of your hair colour or skin tone, it is possible to look fabulous in any hue - just as long as we have the confidence and the knowledge of how and where to incorporate it.

Inna Moment will be running workshop specifically based on this topic - how to wear any colour (and look gorgeous). If you're keen to learn more about how to wear any bloody colour you like and have a bit of fun along the way, get in touch for more info.

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