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Beauty is An Attitude

"Beautiful". I use the word frequently but I don't believe it's a word that can be overused. We all have our thoughts and perceptions of beauty and what is beautiful, whether it be in reference to a landscape, a room, a speech or a person. And of course what I do, every day, is encourage women to find beauty in themselves. Makeup and fashion are wonderful tools that help to enhance beauty, but honestly, beauty is subjective and the women that I personally find beautiful are the ones that make me laugh, that are honest, open and engaging.

One of the most beautiful women I have ever met is a valued friend of mine. A woman that exudes kindness and humility. A woman who doesn't dress in designer outfits and doesn't wear alot of makeup. She pays very little attention to trends, has never had her nails done and never wears heels. This woman is a Mum, a wife, an every day woman with real curves, real hang-ups and let me tell you what makes her beautiful is not her pretty blue eyes or straight white teeth. It's not her full lips or her long blonde hair. It's her radiance and her big wide smile. It's her infectious laugh and her genuine concern for others. It's her wonderful humour and her incredible humanity that shines out of her like a beacon and makes people want to be associated with her. These are the things make her beautiful. The things that don't require fillers and enhancing. The things that don't cost money and won't fade over time. They are her make up. What makes her tick. What makes her HER.

Plain and simple: BEAUTY IS ABOUT ATTITUDE. Who you are, how you treat people, what you say, how you conduct yourself. You can spend all the money in the world on plastic surgery and botox, cosmetics and designer outfits, but ain't none of that gonna make you beautiful. At the end of the day, who you are will always shine through and it's a privilege for me to give women an extra platform to make that beauty shine just a little brighter.

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