S T O P Waiting!!

It comes in waves, my confidence.

Women ask me about it all the time.

"You're such a go-getter?"

"How are you SO motivated?"

"Where do you get such self assuredness?"

The truth is, it's a choice. I have crawl-into-my-whole moments too. I let stuff get me down and bury me too.

It's taken years of mistakes, poor choices, let downs, loss and all that life stuff, but I'm no wonder woman (not always anyway).

I make conscious choices to grab hold of the opportunities that present themselves and if they don't, I create them for myself. That's what being confident means to me.

How many times have you said . . .

"I'm gonna do that when I've lost 10 kilos."


If I was a bit skinnier I would totally wear that."


"When I get my teeth done / skin lasered / hair coloured / botox injected, I'll try it.

"I meet SO many women who spend SO much wasted time avoiding, procrastinating, holding off and concocting excuses not to do the shit that excites them, for fear of failure, for fear of rejection, for fear of just about anything you can think of.

And here's the brutal truth - ALOT of the time, the things that are holding you back NOW, will still be the things that hold you back 6 months, 12 months, even five years down the track!

So what's the point?

Why hold off on that thing you wanna try or the risk you wanna take?

Make the choice to embrace the challenge . . . Grab hold of that opportunity . . . Whatever it may be . . .