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Here's To You

I've had an interesting week. Not all a bag of assholes but definitely not all roses either.

That's life.

And it's OK to admit you're having a shocker. I guarantee it opens the door to the friend (or stranger) who's been battling her own demons too.

I know a lot of women who struggled yesterday, because Mother's Day reminds them that they no longer have theirs, because they've lost a child, because they're single and raising kids solo is relentlessly hard, because they've lost communication with their Mum, because they never knew her.

And when you have kids of your own, you feel guilty for not enjoying the day and being grateful for them.

But admitting you're struggling doesn't mean you're not grateful for what you have, it's simply acknowledging what you don't.

And that recognition is important.

We must allow ourselves the freedom to be honest about how we feel.

But what keeps us positive and motivated to keep on keeping on is the stuff to cherish.

In my case it's people.

My people.

The team that rally round to lift me up and chant my name when I'm victorious . . . and the the team that turn up with wine and a "you've got this, girl" hug when the shit hits the fan.

For those of you reading this, that have had a shocker, here's to you.

Here's to a brighter week ahead.

Here's to women supporting women.

Here's to YOU!

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