Successful Shopping

When it comes to shopping, I've heard many a tale of frustration from disheartened women and it always irks me that so many struggle with something that, to me, is just so gloriously satisfying.

Many women feel that there is little on offer that actually suits their lifestyle, wardrobe gaps, personality, body shape, colouring, proportions, and other needs . . . and from that small amount, few items are really awesome or affordable, or fit well or really "work".

The thing is, there is just no point in buying things that don’t tick your boxes, that aren’t representative of your style, that are a poor fit and that don't make you look great (and therefore FEEL great).

So my advice is this: Treat your shopping trips as research.

Exploring what's currently trending and more importantly, what you do and don’t like is key, as is trying on garments to see how something will work on your body.

It's important to not take clothes that don’t fit or don’t flatter as a personal affront. And you know what I mean, coz how many times have you stood in a change room and thought "so and so looked awesome in this, why the hell don't I?" or "but this has ALWAYS been a great colour for me, why do I look hideous NOW?"

Don't get discouraged . . .

And don’t get sucked in to buying stuff just coz it's on sale or it's pretty on the mannequin.

Enjoy the experience - relax, browse, allow yourself time without pressure.

And don't kid yourself! SQUEEZING every last inch of yourself into something means it's not the right size. Period.

Avoid shopping with the friend who says you look amazing in everything. She might be great for your ego, but during a shopping trip, you need honesty over flattery.

Key Point: Know what your best bits are and how to draw attention to them. If you don't know, find out. Ask people. Study yourself. Learn. Equally, know the bits you'd like to camouflage and learn how to draw the focus away from them.

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