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S . T . Y . L . E

Style is all about the way you put together your clothing and accessories to suit your unique personality.

Style is the best expression of you.

Here's a few elements you should consider in an effort to be stylish.

Silhouette – the shapes, proportions, scale and balance of your outfit.

Expressing your personality through your clothing choices.

Your lifestyle. What you do and how you live your life greatly influences what you need in your wardrobe.

The right size. Your clothing should flatter, not droop, sag or squeeze.

Colours communicate and the colours that flatter your complexion will make you look more vibrant, alive, youthful and approachable (or not).

Your style is about what you love, how you want to be perceived, the fabrics, the colours, the patterns, the details that work for you.

What one woman looks fantastic in, may look dreadful on me and that, is down to style personality. We could wear the exact same outfit but it's out individual style that makes HOW we wear it, differently . . . in our own way.

Knowing your size and your body shape is important, but if you don’t know who you are and how to best express your personality through your clothing, you’ll never appear stylish.

Want to discover your style? The Inna Moment Style Coach Membership Proramme will help you define and understand your style over 12 months for under $4 per week.

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