Style Advice for Businesses

Every business owner knows that creating a brand is not just about investing in a great logo and the perfect premises. It’s about the top notch service you offer and the people who represent it.

If you or your team members deal with the public and your business is client facing, your staff ARE the brand.

So how well does your team represent your brand?

A first impression is made within seconds and that first impression hits hardest, stays longest and is virtually unshakeable.

Think about how quickly you judge someone or something, simply based on presentation.

What we wear says more about who we are faster and more effectively than any words we utter, or product we sell.

If you or your employees are poorly presented, so is your business.

And it’s not just down to appearance, it’s about etiquette, confidence, the ability to engage.

Ensure your staff have the motivation and tools to use every day.

Inspire your team to excellence for your brand in every aspect with the Inna Moment Professional Styling service that covers both the why and the how of personal image, skills for building rapport, professional confidence, business etiquette and dressing for workplace success.

As you would expect, this service covers important points such as personal presentation, but also focuses on client facing issues such as confidence, corporate etiquette and uniform advice.

Inna Moment offers styling advice to companies, of all sizes, covering . . .

  • Appropriate dress in the workplace

  • Personal presentation

  • Grooming tips

  • Corporate Uniform advice

  • Corporate etiquette

  • Using initiative

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