How To Up Your 'Jeans & Tee' Game

There’s nothing more classic than a jeans-and-T-shirt combo and to all you "jeans 'n' tee" girls out there (and hey, aren't we all from time to time?), while it's a safe go-to throw on, here's my easy but effective simple styling to take that casual, everyday (often pretty dull) staple outfit to the next level and really make it pop! All it takes to put a fresh spin on this easy duo is a little inspiration.

Something as simple as adding a leather jacket creates just the right amount of edge to this ensemble.

Adding a cute scarf will create a focal point plus add colour and texture.

Layer up with a cardigan, a jacket and a coat to add dimension.

Dress for comfort and go casual chic by rolling your bottoms, adding trainers and rolling up your slouch jacket sleeves.

A structured blazer and heels with a bright clutch takes this staple to a whole other level. Perfect for casual office attire, non corporate business meeting or a brunch date.

A longer coat gives the look an edge, without looking too polished.

Wrap that denim shirt or plaid long sleeve around the waist for a fun mum outfit. Perfect for adding colour to an otherwise plain combo.

It's my go-to piece of advice. Adding a statement bit of bling can take any outfit from ho-hum to yowzer!

Adding a coloured blazer and an infinity scarf is an easy shift from ordinary to super chic.