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Truth Bomb:

I realised something this week . . . Something that I am kinda shocked to admit and ashamed to share.

But if I don't, then I'm a phony and I'm just not comfortable with that.

So here's my confession.

I have been requested by many of my clients and readers to do those "what I wore today" kinda posts on my social media.

No, while I was flattered to be asked to showcase my personal style, it was never something I ever considered seriously.

I've brushed it off with flippant comments about being more interested in styling others . . . and while that's true, it's kinda bullshit too.

Because styling is very much a part of who I am.

My personal style is ever evolving and I enjoy the process of piecing together outfits.

So I realised that me not wanting to do it was actually more about a lack of self belief and confidence that clearly is needed to put myself on display.

I know what y'all thinking . . .

SHE'S not lacking in confidence or self belief. But hey, we all are from time to time and sometimes it hides in places even WE ourselves are not aware of.

So there you go. I uncovered a doubtfulness in myself that I spend every day trying to coax out of others.

And because of this discovery, I've decided that I WILL share my outfits with you.

Not all of them, because that'd just be overkill, but new purchases, quirky pieces, great finds, all that good stuff that you'll hopefully enjoy seeing.

And to start, here's me rocking a nude pink look . . .

OK, I'm kidding, but I will post some cool outfit pics soon. Promise.

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