Why I Don't Follow the "Body Type Hype"

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while, you’ll be aware of my distaste for the whole "body type concept".

There's a few reasons for this but it mostly boils down to this:

The idea of dressing for your "body type" gives weight to the notion that looking slim and gorgeous - according to societal ideals - is more important than wearing outfits you're personally drawn to and actually enjoy wearing. Therefore, self-expression and having fun with fashion is almost . . . lost.

Obviously, dressing for your body shape is about choosing clothes that flatter your body; and let’s be honest, “flattering” is really just code for “makes you look slimmer, taller, more curvy” etc.

And that’s exactly what articles and how-to guides on body shape typologies convey to women - that the objective of clothing is to hide bits, accentuate areas, minimise parts and create illusions with their body. Plus, they promote what most women already do way too much of, which is obsessing over every little part of their bodies.

Feeling confident in what you wear should stem from the fact that you love your outfit because it's an expression of you, not because it makes you look slimmer or taller.

Some of the most stylish women I know don't follow any rules and guidelines when it comes to dressing. Yet they always look awesome, because they know how to rock what they've got.

The thing is, most women aren't out to cultivate a strong sense of style. We just wanna look and feel the best we can. Right? And in order to do that, you have to experiment. And not just once or twice. It's a process. Ongoing and ever evolving. Think about what you were sporting 10 years ago. I bet it's a shift from what you're comfortable wearing these days.

Trying different colours, cuts, styles, prints and materials, is imperative to figuring out what you love, what you don't and developing your own aesthetic.