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Mix and Match Prints and Patterns

I've been talking alot lately about how to mix and match prints.

I met with one woman in particular who really wanted to step away from her black "uniform" and start incorporating prints into her wardrobe, but was concerned about what actually worked and how to "clash" prints effectively.

Here's my professional advice ...

Are you ready?

Got a pen?

Find stuff you like and give it a bloody try! Yep, that's the answer!

Look, there is such a big personality element to what you feel comfortable wearing that you need to take into consideration.

If you're a more traditional and classic personality, clashing bold prints or colours may not feel (or look) naturally fabulous on you because it's just not an authentic representation of who you are. And that's OK.

It's a case of going softly, softly until you feel comfortable; like you're showcasing YOU and not a trend.

If you are a little reserved, clashing softer prints and patterns such as florals and ginghams and stripes and spots is your best bet.

Those who are more creative, innovative and exploratory in their personality will clash prints and colours successfully because it's a true representation of their individuality.

Here's some tips to help simplify the mixing print and pattern look ...

  • When mixing unrelated colours, the intensity should be the same i.e. muted with muted or bright with bright

  • The density of the print should be different – so busy with sparse, small with large

Even if the colours are not exactly in each print, they should relate and look harmonious, otherwise you could end up looking like you got dressed in the dark!

Here's a few visual examples to get you inspired . . .

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