Getting the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

In my work I help women discover that not only are their wardrobes a treasure trove of possibility, but that they own a ton of awesome stuff that they forgot or even never knew they had!

The most common problem I see women have with their wardrobes is not having enough basics and staples to mix and match with those fabulous statement pieces.

And by basics and staples, I'm referring to your little black dress, denim wear, black trousers, you know the stuff.

Coz here's the thing, once you've got those staples sorted, you can easily and successfully begin to build awesome outfits.

If you're just getting to grips with experimenting with fashion, my advice is don't go bold and out of your comfort zone with your base clothing. It will allow you the freedom to play with accessories, blazers, shoes and bags that are fun and full of colour, without feeling overwhelmed.

By doing this you can create hundreds of looks from the same dress just by changing accessories, outer layers, footwear etc.

I say it often, but accessories are the key to completing your outfits.

The trick is to choose pieces that are bold enough to physically change the look of an outfit.

For example a small pendant on a necklace will often go unnoticed on a black dress, but a chunky statement necklace in turquoise or bright fuschia earrings definitely won't.

The point being, you don't have to buy a million dresses, but rather a few in classic cuts and colours, and then invest in affordable and more disposable accessories to enhance the look.

If you'd like help, advice and some inspiration to get some WOW out of your wardrobe BOOK a Wardrobe Inspiration session with Inna Moment today!