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Buying Quality - My Tips

Please understand this - quality is not necessarily an indicator of price.

Equally, price isn’t an indicator of quality.

It’s about fit, fabric and construction.

So when choosing a garment, whether it’s from Postie, Trelise Cooper or Farmers, you need to ask yourself:

* Does it fit me and flatter my body in the way I want? If not, can it easily be altered to fit me? If it doesn’t fit it’s just never going to look high quality, no matter what it cost you.

* Is the fabric one that I find pleasing, another words, does it feel nice on my skin? No one looks stylish (or comfortable) when they're itching and scratching.

* Is the fabric one that will wear well, meaning, will it appear old and pilled after two wears?

* How long do I expect to keep the garment for? It goes without saying that if you expect to keep it for more than just a few seasons, then opt for a better quality fabric that will wear well.

* How well is the garment constructed? Are there threads hanging off it already, or little pulls in the fabric?

* Is it lined? Lined jackets, skirts, dresses and dress pants offer longer life, better wear and tend to look more tailored.

The point is that regardless of whether or not a garment is cheap or expensive, it’s what it looks like that counts.

Quality doesn’t equate to "conservative" or "classic".

If you find a cheap little blazer that's well constructed, fits you well, with fabric made to last, buy it!

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