How To Wear Any Colour & Still Look Fab!

Hands up who's had their colours done? If you have, then you'll have some sort of an understanding of the theory behind Colour Analysis. In a nutshell it's about breaking down people's colourings into the four colour seasons, being Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and then even further, into different categories per season. But did you know there are MANY different ways to achieve these results, which will of course, vary from consultant to consultant? The process can be really helpful if you want to get a basic idea of what shades work for you BUT it is not a perfect system and what one professional may tell you, could be very different from what another may share. I consciously choose not to offer it as a service at Inna Moment​ for many reasons, but mostly because I don't like the restrictions and limitations it can have when taken too seriously. I've seen some women crushed to learn that their favourite colour - that they've been wearing for years and subsequently have a wardrobe full of - is the absolute worst colour they could possibly wear! Can you imagine how bloody depressing that would be?! 😕 You may aswell stand the woman in front of a mirror and say "See, you look shit - go change!" This was never how I envisioned my styling practice would operate. My mission has always been to inspire and motivate women - not piss on their chips! So I talk about making colour work for you (no matter what the hue or your skin tone), ALL THE TIME and I've seen first hand how it can transform and liberate. And that's why I'm offering y'all a how-to on looking shit hot wearing whatever freaking colour you like. Sounds ace right? For more info, get in touch.