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How to Effectively Wear ANY Colour You Want

One of the first things I learned in my styling career was Colour Analysis.

Discovering what colours are "best for you" can have it's benefits.

I'm also of the opinion that it's a bit of a crock. There are MANY different ways to achieve your "best colour" results, which vary from consultant to consultant and are dependent on what theory you go by.

You can even do a DIY online test. If you have ever had the misconception that you can't wear certain colours because they're "not your season", keep reading.

Colour is not supposed to be limiting and it doesn't have to be.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the restrictions and limitations it can impose, because I've seen far too many women disappointed to learn that their favourite colour - that they've been wearing for years - is a colour they SHOULD be avoiding.

I've even come across women who will ONLY wear 2 or 3 different colours because a professional advised them 20 years ago that they were their "best colours"!

My approach has always been to instill greater confidence in my clients, which is why I've spent years proving to my clients that they can make ANY colour work (no matter what the hue or their skin tone.


Here's two simple tips.

1. When a colour doesn’t look quite right and is clashing with your skin tone, it's most obvious when it’s close to your face. So create a bit of distance and wear it further away from your face, i.e. on the bottom part of your body or break it up with a complimentary or contrasting colour.

2. Opt for a print, which will not only soften a solid colour but also creates interest and texture.

Want more advice on how to wear any colour? Book a styling session with me here.


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