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Discovering Your Assets

As shocking as it is, I come across plenty of women who have serious trouble working out what their assets are.

Unfortunately, more often than not they’ve spent too long being told about and focusing on their ‘flaws’ rather than their best bits.

But know this . . .

It is all down to how YOU choose to draw attention to or camouflage your bits.

Some assets you want to highlight and some you wish to camouflage.

For example, big boobs can be seen as a pretty good asset and many women will purposefully draw attention to them, while others may feel uncomfortable about having larger boobies and do what they can to hide them.

Some women view their larger bums as an asset and wear tight clothes to draw the focus to their backside, whereas others would rather that it wasn’t the focus of attention.

There is no right or wrong.

How YOU feel about your body and what you choose to highlight and disguise is YOUR perogative.

Over the years I’ve met many women who have trouble finding ANY part of their body they consider to be an asset.

Sometimes it takes someone else to shine a light on what you have completely overlooked.

If you're not sure what to highlight, come see Inna Moment.

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