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'Be Your Own You' Event

It's been a jam-packed 4 years since my family and I settled in Matamata, a small town in rural New Zealand, that I'd never even heard of, let alone considered, raising a family and running a business in.

In that time our 1950's home has undergone major renovations, I launched my personal styling consultancy to the New Zealand market, gave birth to my third child and lost my darling mother.

She always did say I never did things by halves! Life's toughest challenges have always come to me in quick succession; never one by one.

There have been many hardships for me and family since we arrived in New Zealand - most completely life altering - but with a firm foundation and belief that we can rise above; we have found happiness and success, both in our work, but more importantly, as a family unit.

Proof of this, for Inna Moment, in particular, has been in my many new clients and invitations to share my thoughts and motivational style and lifestyle ideas to women all over the Waikato, from small women's groups, to larger organisations.

And last week I took part in one such event.

'Be Your Own You' was hosted by the Waikato Hauraki Coromandel Rural Support Trust, an organisation that assists the rural community with a valuable, completely free and confidential service.

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts and passions about Inna Moment with a wonderful bunch of 180 or so women, who came along for a mid-week jolly and embraced my laid-back and straight-forward approach to engaging with an audience.

For an Aussie girl, the support and response from the Kiwi rural community really has been overwhelming. I'm just a girl who loves to help women sparkle and by crikey, I think I did just that!

The Prattler had a few nice words to say about the event too.

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