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New Year . . . New Lifestyle

It was NYE and I was on my second glass of bubbles when I made the decision to begin a "lifestyle journey" the following day.

Now I know what y'all thinking as you read this, because the same thoughts ran through my mind when I made this decision.

Yeah right.

But I downed one last glass of the good stuff and switched to non alcoholic beverages for the rest of the evening. If you know anything about me, you'll appreciate this was a gallant move for a wino such as myself.

Side note : At that same time the year before, I was celebrating with some of the same people, in the very same kitchen and it all went west after cocktails and let's just say I was a write-off for the next 48 hours following unsavoury conversations about talcum powder and a clogged basin.

So here I am, a whole year older and surprisingly, just a wee bit wiser.

It's day 5 of a new year and my new lifestyle.

I am officially NOT on a diet because the minute I use the "D" word I literally gain weight just by breathing.

What I'm doing is taking care of myself. Being mindful.

I spend all my days yapping to women about self love and prioritising themselves and yet I wasn't taking care of ME.

So I've put a lid on the alcohol intake. I've replaced all the crap that's easy to grab in between clients with healthy options. I spend more time and thought on what I consume and best of all, I've roped the hubby into doing it with me, so we can get all competitive about it. Winning motivates him and getting back into my super skinny jeans motivates me so it's a win all round.

Trouble is, I'm impatient which means I've spent more time abusing the scales than actually enjoying the process, but I recognise that now and am coming to terms with the face that my new dull and boring lifestyle sans Toblerone or Sauvignon Blanc is all worth it in the long run.

Clearly my attitude is aweome so far.

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