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Grand Plans & Promises

At the start of a new year, most of us make grand plans and promises to re-invent ourselves, much like I have with my new health(ier) lifestyle.

And most of us are absolutely positive that 'this time it'll be different'.

But come February it all goes to shit and we're back in that rut, only to make the same resolutions for change the next time we're knocking back shots and belting out Auld Lang Syne.


Which brings me to me my update, because I know y'all are bursting to know how I'm surviving/failing my new regime.

Before we get underway, I'm gonna go ahead and say that when it comes to health and being good to myself, my general thinking has been that if it tastes good and if it doesn't make me break a sweat, I'm in.

And you can't blame me for that last part coz quite frankly it takes valuable time and concerted effort to paint my brows on, so I can't be expected to partake in an activity that's gonna make those bad boys melt right off again! Logical no?

Anyway, the plan has been to cut the nit so good things out (or at least reduce them significantly) and introduce better things, gradually.

And I'm chuffed to say that I went an entire 18 days without a wine . . .

However I hopelessly caved when my in-laws came to visit and I felt compelled to partake in a glass of sav !!

It was literally one piddly half-filled glass (one of those pathetically small ones at the back of the cupboard I only whip out when we've got loads of guests).

But I felt as guilty as hell.

So had another glass the following night to make me feel better. 👍

And then my smug arse husband (who still hasn't had a swig since New Years Eve) rubbed my nose in it and strutted around like a pissing peacock!

I’ve devoured yet another Toblerone in the last 2 days and the scales have mocked me for over a week.

I haven't lost anymore weight, but I haven't regained the weight I lost either.

But the thing is this change was never completely about my body or my weight. It was, in large part, about my wellbeing.

And I think THAT'S the most important factor women like me need to channel.

The time and energy we put into changing our bodies is far better employed changing our mindset.

I'm not disciplined, that point is clear.

But it’s all about priorities.

So I asked myself : How important is my health? How badly do I want to be in control of my body? How much do I really wanna get back into those old skinny jeans that made my arse look amazing?

I think y’all know my answers.

So I’ll continue to chug on sparkling water and feast on cucumber, if only to prove that I can.

But I'm not gonna feel guilty when I have a wee swing of the good stuff either.

A lifestyle shift is no hardship really - not when you have an end goal in mind.

Shadan - Style Coach

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