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Embrace the Juggle

Running with my new cooler lifestyle, the hubby and I have committed to more "us time".

With three small children and businesses that have us both working every day of the week, it's a juggling act just to ensure a decent night's sleep, let alone finish a conversation.

At the beginning of our relationship we enjoyed a decadent dating life. Travel, michelin star restaurants, late night wine bars and weekends away but children and work overtake all that. These days it's a treat to scoff a steak and a bottle of red at the local Italian, in break-neck speed, while our kids are babysat at home.

But after 13 years together, we know it's imperative that we make time for each other. Not that it's taken 13 years to realise this but we've all made promises to do more couple-y things with our partners, over too many savs one stolen evening, while the kids watched Paw Patrol.

Following through with those promises is a whole different thing.

No doubt we'll at some point discuss what new swear word the kids have learned that week or how many farts Master five did on Master seven's head last night, but the idea is to be mindful, take those moments alone to reconnect, to appreciate, and to see one another as a partner, not just the "other parent".

And what I like about this plan - apart from the obvious (wink wink) - is the opportunity to feel sexy, to flirt, to leave my Mummy hat at home, if only for a few hours.

Because how often do we get to do that, right?

So while I'm preparing to get my glam on for date night, I thought it only apt that I offer another Mama that same opportunity - to get her glam on, that is.

Here's your opportunity to treat someone spesh (perhaps even yourself) to a Champagne Makeover, complete with bubbles, photography AND a $20 Inna Moment gift voucher.

To vote simply do these three things :

Tag the nominee in the comments of this post

Winner will be announced February 4th.

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